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Happy Easter

It’s a little early, but oooh, what I found. You know I’m all about the nutrition, but once in awhile you need a little something. And what a something I found. When Lara took me to Sentry, we passed the Easter display, and found THIS:

Cadbury dark chocolate

Does this make me a shill? I don’t know, or care. I love sniffing the bag, fondling the pieces, and mostly, eating them. Since they are small pieces, you can control the portions.These are some of the best chocolate pieces I’ve had in a long time. Which amazes me, since I hate the traditional eggs.

That’s all.

Happy Easter

Having said that, we aren’t doing anything to celebrate Easter, other than going to church. Which, it could be argued, is the best way to celebrate it.¬† Now that the kids are gone, we don’t do holidays, and I don’t mind a bit. I was trying to figure out this morning¬† how I could have gone from enjoying holiday festivities to being grateful to avoid them.

I think it is because of how I react to things. If every day is like Christmas morning, then Christmas morning is overkill. When I was a kid, holidays were the exciting punctuation to an otherwise drab life. Even as an adult, anticipation seemed to revolve around the preparation for some event or another. I don’t want to go all Pollyanna on you, but now it seems that everyday events are loaded with anticipation and satisfaction.

Let me give you an example. Yesterday I was trying to get my GPS working with my computer. It took several hours, and when I finally got done, I was doing the happy dance. Both the struggle and the success were so entrancing I enjoyed every minute. I feel as if I have achieved the goal of living every minute, and it is a great feeling.

I’ll get a little philosophical here, I was thinking this morning that the God who made the mountaintop and the sunset, made mud and slime. All are necessary for life. If you can learn to appreciate the value of slime, how much more will you enjoy the sunset?

Anyway, have a happy Easter, however you celebrate it, and enjoy every minute of whatever you are doing.

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