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My Gym Saga Continues

I just wanted to get this out there. After two weeks at the gym, I’m starting to settle in and get comfortable. Here are my current impressions:

  1. I work harder at a gym. I don’t know if it is pride, excitement or what. I end up with shaky muscles at the end of every workout.
  2. I work less. See number one. Two days a week are plenty. After the first round of the smith machine, I couldn’t walk for two days. While it is building on what I started at home, my legs are starting to look like my arms.
  3. I’m still finding things out. It is hard to just go explore. There are always people there, and they are strangers, so I am a bit uncomfortable with just playing. I just found out, after seeing someone else use it, that there is a piece of equipment perfect for doing I’s,Y’s, T’s and W’s. I might even use some of the machines. Maybe.
  4. I have worked up the nerve to do some crazier stuff.  There are foot pegs on some of the weight benches, just the right height for hooking my feet under to do hamstring curls.
  5. It is still strange to do things that would be embarrassing in other circumstances. I don’t make eye contact with people too often, and they ignore you too. Or if they do watch you, they are surreptitious about it, which is fine by me. You can laugh at me, as long as I don’t know it.
  6. I’m still in no-woman’s-land. While there are women at the weights, we are still outnumbered, something like 8 to 1.
  7. I don’t know how someone who is not exercise savvy would join this particular gym and get anything out of it if they didn’t get help from a trainer. Just having the equipment there, without direction, would be very daunting and uncomfortable.

So that’s the state of things now. I will keep updating this as I go.

My First Day at a Gym

So I finally broke down and joined a gym. I joined Planet Fitness, a big chain here, because it was cheap and convenient. I had little idea of what to expect, other than what I have heard others say. My first impressions were mixed, but mostly positive. The girl behind the desk, on the day I checked the place out, immediately made eye contact and asked me if she could help me. When I went back to sign up, the young man was equally helpful and friendly. I went back today to work out. It felt so strange. First, they made it clear I could move anything I wanted to, anywhere that I wanted to, which I did. I did somewhat of the same workout I would have done at home, using mostly dumbells, the swiss ball and the pull up contraption. I tried out the smith machine. They don’t have a squat rack per se. They do have a bar and weights. It’s hard to describe, as I have never seen equipment like this before. I think I could have just taken the bar off the thing they had it on, I don’t think it was a machine, more of a rack? rest? Maybe for bench pressing. There were a lot of guys over there, and I felt intimidated. I did my clean and presses and my deadlifts with the dumbells. Ouch, talk about having to stabalize yourself! Everything felt so strange, having other people there. I got a REALLY good workout in, in my excitement to try things, I definitely overdid it a bit. My one shoulder is sore, I did some t pushups with weights I wasn’t used to and over balanced on one. As you can tell from the way I’m writing, my feelings and thoughts about it are all over the place. I’ll let you know more when I get more used to it.

A Post is a Post

I realized I hadn’t posted in awhile, and while I have few to no subscribers, I do feel it is my duty to continue what I started.

First, Happy Mother’s Day to one and all. If you aren’t a mother, you certainly had one. For better or worse. Give a random woman a hug and wish her happy mother’s day. If that doesn’t create social tension, nothing will.

I am going to join a gym. I have talked about it, debated it, resisted it and finally gave in. I want the equipment, the community, and the psychological boost. Plus, the gym I want to join is so cheap, I can’t even say I can’t afford it. There is probably a catch, but there is no commitment, so I can bow out if it gets too expensive.

That’s all, my duty is completed. Unless you are have bad weather, which we are not for a change, go out and have some fun. Take a walk, bike ride, horseback ride, move!

Hooray for small victories!

I don’t sit here and critique other peoples lives, at least not out loud. I certainly don’t focus on one single person’s weight loss or need to lose weight. However, if someone approaches me…. and that happened yesterday. Most of the time people don’t give me an opening on the subject of health or fitness, they know me too well.

One of the ladies in our church came up to me and asked me about a class I used to help teach on nutrition and fitness. I said it had folded a while ago. She said she had been going to the gym, and had a personal trainer. She had lost 22 lbs so far! Can I tell you how happy and excited I was? She is extremely heavy, and I worried both about her longevity and what impact that was having on her children. The whole family is going to the gym.  It is like seeing a physical redemption. I see a lot of analogies between the physical and the spiritual.  Once more, if you do the right things, the right results will happen.

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