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The whole idea of a hobby is a relatively new one. People need leisure time and expendable income for such things. For most of human history what we would call hobbies, they would have called work. Wood working, metal working, needle work, all of it was work. Now, we only do them as we please, but there certainly is a drive to do them. There seems to be a divide today, between those that have hobbies and those that don’t. I have seen among my husband’s acquaintance, that those who don’t have hobbies, can’t retire, as boredom drives them back to the workforce. Humans were not made for idle leisure. Hobbies are simply work that you enjoy doing.

We idealize leisure as the relief from work we don’t want to do, but as with many things we long for, a little is better than a lot. Humans are so goal orientated that even goals like more leisure time get overdone. I see parallels between that and our food obsessions. Both leisure and food can be longed for when they are in short supply, but in abundance they can kill us, or at least make us miserable. This leads me to think that longing for things is a good thing, as is having scant amounts of the objects of our desires. Buddhist thought would have us get rid of our longings all together, but what greater happiness is there than anticipating something, enjoying it, and reliving that enjoyment. The trick is to realize that all three are the happiness, not just the actual event.

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