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A Post is a Post

I realized I hadn’t posted in awhile, and while I have few to no subscribers, I do feel it is my duty to continue what I started.

First, Happy Mother’s Day to one and all. If you aren’t a mother, you certainly had one. For better or worse. Give a random woman a hug and wish her happy mother’s day. If that doesn’t create social tension, nothing will.

I am going to join a gym. I have talked about it, debated it, resisted it and finally gave in. I want the equipment, the community, and the psychological boost. Plus, the gym I want to join is so cheap, I can’t even say I can’t afford it. There is probably a catch, but there is no commitment, so I can bow out if it gets too expensive.

That’s all, my duty is completed. Unless you are have bad weather, which we are not for a change, go out and have some fun. Take a walk, bike ride, horseback ride, move!

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