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Spring Horses

I think this is my first or second horse post. I keep threatening my husband that I will sell my horse if we don’t start riding them more. They are very expensive lawn ornaments. In any case, I am giving it my best shot. I have ridden Romeo every day for the last three days. Considering that I am coming home from work, working out or karate, that is pretty impressive.

What is making riding him much easier is that he is being unnaturally good. I titled this post “Spring Horses” as that is a condition most riders implicitly understand. After a winter of not being ridden, and the excitement of smelling grass growing, horses get “spring fever” worse than we do.  The first few rides of the year can be very interesting. I took Romeo out into the pasture last night. Normally, as soon as he is out of the corral, he “puffs up”, his head comes up, his nostrils dilate, his ears are up, and he gets real jerky and nervous. He also gets that way when he doesn’t like the footing, like mud. Last night we were trotting around the pasture, his head was low and even, his gait was too. I nearly fell off him in surprise. (Is there anything more embarrassing than falling off your horse for no good reason?)

I did something else that made me impressed with him. I reached down off him for the cones and picked them up, (one at a time) holding the reins in my teeth. Had he decided to something stupid, the results would have been ugly. He was a perfect gentleman. The funny thing was, later, when we were done, he went over to the cone and attacked it. He doesn’t like being made to go around them.

What are your spring adventures?  Are you keeping a new discipline? Learning something new? Just enjoying what God gave us? Isn’t it much easier to enjoy what God gives when it is above 40 degrees?

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