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Your Cheer for the Day

I either really like soapboxes, or else I’m the world’s cheerleader. I came across this article, and I have to share it. If you are gluten intolerant, you’ll really love it, as Erin’s blog is about that. When I read what she wrote, I just had to share it:

“I know.”

“I know I should eat better.”

“I know I should sleep more.”

“Exercise? I know, I would like to exercise.”

“I know, I should floss every night.” (This one is mine.)

The “I knows.” We all have them. I know, I should, I could, etc. What those all mean, even though we don’t say it, is that we could, but we are choosing not to.

Yes, you are choosing it. I am choosing to floss less than daily. Some choose to eat poorly despite knowing better. Some choose to sit on their asses instead of move. Some choose to eat foods that they realize are hurting their health. We can all make excuses until we turn blue, but the bottom line is that they are choices.

Not good choices.

But choices none the less. Own your choice.

I know usually goes hand in hand with I can’t. And usually, I can’t actually means I won’t. I can, but I choose not too.

See where I’m going with this?

I wish I could have written that! I’m not an original writer, thinker, or speaker, I just sift other people’s gems. Which reminds me, “This is not a dress rehearsal, this is your life.” Look at yourself in the mirror. Pretend you are another person. Tell them about yourself. Are you embarrassed? Or proud? Do you need to accept yourself more? Or change? To quote an old song, “Someday never comes.” If you need to change, get moving. If the change you need to make is to accept yourself more, get moving on that too. Weight is an easy topic to pick on, as it is obvious and self created. What isn’t so obvious is what made you that way. Just like the anti-drug ads say, no one says “I want to weigh 400 lbs when I grow up” but, just like the drugs, it doesn’t “just happen”.

One of the best people for covering the mental aspects of weight gain and loss is Leigh Peele. Unfortunately, her speaking/writing style is not terrible accessible. She tends to make convoluted sentences that are hard to follow. If you can stay with her though, she is really on top of the mental processes that lead to both gain and loss. I throw that in here, as what is going on in your head is more important than what is going on outside of you. When Paul said “I have discovered the secret of being content in all things.” Ph4:11, he meant in Christ. Meaning that he put that thought ahead of all others, subordinating hunger, thirst and well being. How do you think people finish marathons, climb mountains or get though trials? They put their focus on one thing, above all others.

Today is your canvas. Your mind, followed by your actions, are your brushes. What will you paint  today with? Good or bad? Don’t think getting down on yourself will make you change. It didn’t work in the past, did it?

Seize the day. It is a cliche, but cliches get that way because they are true.

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