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What’s your Legacy?

My little puppy with a weird tuft of hair

She's got this weird little tuft of hair, random puppy fur?

I just can’t get off the philosophical bent today. I was taking a walk with my dog, BB, and listening to music. Once more, the feeling of how amazing life is, and how wonderful every minute is, even the bad ones, hit me. That got me to thinking about how some people waste their lives, make excuses or just procrastinate on really living. I don’t know if it is possible to change people who are heading that way, or if they even would realize that there is a problem. I don’t mean to be snarky, but some for some people, plumbing the depths of their soul seems to be puddle jumping.

However, for anyone who may be reading this who does reflect on their life, my question for you is: “what is your legacy?” or “what is your epitaph?”. What will people remember you for? Will they be tongue tied after your death, trying not to speak ill of the dead? Maybe your legacy will be nothing earth shattering, but will it at least be positive? Are you admired for anything? If you don’t want to wait till the end of the story, what is your reputation now?

I got to thinking about that, as I ran up a hill. I was pretending that BB told me to do it. I was very tired, and all I could think of was why was I putting this challenge before myself? There were no bragging rights, no one would know whether I did it or not. The only motivation was the challenge. That it was hard, so it would be great to do it. Plus, it fit my reputation. Then it hit me, I have a reputation. Mostly a good one, for pushing myself in physical ways that most of my friends wouldn’t. But it did get me to thinking, everyone has a reputation. For being smart, lazy, hardworking, positive, depressed, crazy, helpful, or whatever else it is. That led me to the thought that everyone has a reputation, and reflect on what it is, and change it if it is negative. Reputations are malleable, over time.

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