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If it sounds too good to be True….

Wendy’s announced a new “Natural cut fries with sea salt”. It sounds healthy, but as the this Yahoo article explains, they can only go so far.

the company’s product development team found a way to leave the potato skins on, make the fries crispier and give them a much tastier flavor. What they didn’t manage to do, however, is make the fries an actual all-natural product. That, says CMO Ken Calwell, would be too difficult given fast food customers’ demands for items that are cheap and can be hoisted through a car window.

While they are not steaming off the skin, they are pre cooking, freezing, spraying with sodium acid pyrophosphate, dusting with dextrose, and, finally, cooking them in vegetable oil containing dimethylpolysiloxane, to prevent the oil from foaming. So much for natural. If you want natural food, you have to cook it yourself. Which is a healthier way to live, and will prevent much overeating, as you then have to take the time to do so.

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